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FOREX Trading Artificial Intelligence (ROBOT) follows Specified sets of trading Paradigms and determines the best Prices and Time at which to buy or sell a currency pair. Artificial Intelligence is developed using complex mathematical algorithms to monitor the markets and Execute and Exit the Trades Anonymously.


Specially Designed Learn 2 Earn Program Developed By Bright Money Offers FOREX Education by Very Versatile FOREX Trading Experts Having In-depth Knowledge & Experience


Forex Trading is a Platform Where International Money is exchanged Round the Clock. Forex Trading involves buying of a currency against another currency. A Traders attempt to profit by buying and selling currencies by actively speculating on the direction currency is likely to Move in future, The Forex Market is the world’s Largest Financial Market. With over $6.6 Trillion Dollars worth of Transactions Per day. Higher Volume Provides Higher Opportunity to Earn and also Has Higher Risk (If Done Without Knowledge).

Automated Solution

FOREX Trading Artificial Intelligence (ROBOT) helps Foreign Exchange Traders Maximize their return on Investments With almost Zero Risk. They Eliminate Emotional and Psychological Feelings when trading and Provide Profit Making Account, Making Artificial Intelligence (Robot) Trading Future of Forex Industry.

Dedicated Artificial Intelligence

Get Benefits of Using the Latest Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence Especially Developed by Bright Money Is Created with Moderate Return and with Moderate Risk Thus Making it a Safe and Secure Investment TOOL.

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Core Features:

Smart Market Analyzer of the News & Trend

The Artificial Intelligence Developed to Work in TWO Patterns as per latest News Updates and the Markets Day TO Day Movement Thus Enabling the Safety of the Equity and Generating Moderate Profit Without any Humane Involvement.

Live 24 x 5 Trading Chat Support

BRIGHTMNY INFOTECH Pvt. Ltd. Is having 24 x 5 Live Trading Support System for Customer Interested In Self Trading/ Manual trading

Smart Artificial Intelligence

Technically Tested and Intelligently Developed Forex Trading Smart Artificial Intelligence (ROBOT) by BrightMNY InfoTech Pvt. Ltd is Checked on all Parameters of Volatility in the Market and making it the Most Safest Forex Trading TOOL for All Traders

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